Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Have you planned for an early retirement?

Retirement planning is all about goal setting and using appropriate strategies available to assist reaching your desired retirement nest egg. Making sure you are maximising the strategies and benefits available to you as well as keeping up with any on-going changes.

Do you have enough Super put away for retirement?

We assist with determining how much you will need to achieve your retirement goals and then work out a plan and structure to help achieve this goal.

With the Government restricting how much can be contributed to super each year, it is vital to start sooner rather than later.

Do you know how much money you will need to retire?

Although superannuation rules continue to change, it is still the most tax effective retirement vehicle and we encourage clients to maximise its use for their retirement planning.

At Sallis Financial Planning we assist with accumulation of retirement funds, consider the tax effective strategies and as you get closer to retirement, we consider any Centrelink benefits or Concession cards you may be entitled to. In retirement we assist with making your nest egg last as long as possible.

Contact Kevin today to book your consultation and find out how they can help you find peace of mind for a comfortable retirement and address any other concerns.